What is the Enterprise Initiative?

Novume’s success depends on delivering critical human resources to the right place at the right time. To do this, we must maintain a cutting-edge awareness of economic, political and technological trends affecting both government and the private sector. With this awareness, we occasionally identify companies that we believe are poised for exceptional growth and can benefit from the financial assistance, management resources and/or strategic direction that Novume can provide. We invest in and nurture these companies through our Enterprise Initiative. These carefully structured investments, which are designed to limit balance sheet risk or operating exposure to Novume, create low-risk, high-reward opportunities for our shareholders.

Enterprise Initiative target companies must have the potential to be high performers by offering unique services or technologies to the Fortune 1000 and government sectors. By using our market expertise, management experience and capital to leverage developing capabilities, Novume can be a true strategic partner to help form alliances and access resources that maximize speed to market and capitalize on development opportunities for emerging enterprises.

Is your company looking for a true strategic partnership?