Rekor Recognition Systems is a leading public safety technology service provider of fully integrated automated traffic safety enforcement solutions, parking enforcement citation collections, and mobile technology equipment solutions for public safety agencies. For more than a decade, Rekor has provided technology solutions and services to branches of the US military, various federal entities and numerous public safety agencies throughout the United States. These departments and agencies have trusted Brekford for their end-to-end suite of rugged mobile information technology, parking enforcement services and automated traffic safety enforcement solutions.

Rekor Recognition Systems & Enterprise Initiative

Novume’s ownership of Rekor Recognition Systems, formerly known as Brekford Traffic Safety, was a result of KeyStone’s merger with Brekford in August 2017. Novume realized early in its relationship with Rekor that the US Automatic Traffic Safety Equipment (ATSE) market penetration was less than 5% due to a lack of technological advancement and an industry-wide stale business model. Novume intends to disrupt the ATSE industry early in 2018 by working with Rekor’s management and other strategic relationships.

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