Global Public Safety, LLC (GPS) is a high volume, competitively priced supplier and integrator of state-of-the-art public safety vehicle technology solutions to municipalities, the US military, various federal entities and other public safety agencies throughout the United States. Services focus on vehicle upfitting — the process of transforming basic vehicles into turnkey, customized, fully-outfitted and ready-to-use first responder vehicles complete with rugged technology components such as laptops, in-car video systems, vehicle mounting systems, docking stations, and WiFi and cellular routers, as well as sirens, lights, push bumpers, gun racks, prisoner cages, K-9 partitions and decals. In addition to providing commercial-off-the-shelf or COTS products, GPS develops customized products. GPS has upfitted more than 25,000 special-purpose vehicles ranging from police, specialized law enforcement, fire, motorcycles, trucks, boats, ATV’s and SUV’s.

GPS has earned the trust of numerous federal, state and municipal organizations and has fulfilled dozens of multi-year contracts – most on a repeat basis. GPS partners with Chrysler, Ford and General Motors to have client vehicles drop-shipped directly to their facilities. Their unparalleled customer service and ability to work with various procurement processes, using a combination of the GSA Schedule, BPA’s, GWACs, IDIQ’s, state contracts, competitive bidding, purchase cards and open market sales, makes them a go-to resource for fleet upfitting and maintenance.

Global Public Safety & Enterprise Initiative

In early 2017, the Enterprise Initiative facilitated the sale of Brekford’s vehicle upfitting business to LB&B Associates, Inc. (LB&B), a diversified services company providing facilities management, logistics management, training and other services to governments and private industry throughout the US and overseas. The aggregate transaction value was greater than Brekford’s then market cap and Novume retained 19.9% ownership in Global Public Safety. Since acquiring GPS in March 2017, LB&B has implemented a strategy of acquiring other upfitting business to achieve economies of scale and integrate operations and component sourcing. In addition to GPS’s original Hanover, MD location, the company has added a facility in Roebuck, SC and is targeting other existing locations to expand its geographic footprint. GPS is also leading the way in integrating drones and public safety vehicles by designing and building advanced aerial platforms for customers in defense, public safety and commercial industries.

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